13th International Workshop on Resistance to Thyroid Hormone


Classical resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH) is an inherited condition caused by mutations in the thyroid hormone receptor beta, characterized by elevated thyroid hormone with non-suppressed TSH concentrations and variably with clinical features.  To date, over 3,000 individuals have been identified with this condition, the study of which has facilitated greater understanding of the normal pathways of thyroid hormone action. Application of new techniques in molecular biology will undoubtedly lead to the development of methods for specific and early treatment.


Since 2004, new forms of RTH disorders have been identified: mutations in thyroid hormone receptor alpha, in the thyroid hormone transporter MCT8 and in SBP2, a protein required for normal deiodinase function. These conditions, collectively called disorders of thyroid hormone signaling, have helped elucidate the various steps involved in the mediation of thyroid hormone action on body tissues.


The Workshop provides a forum for presentation of work-in-progress together with vigorous discussion of ideas to stimulate future research in the understanding and treatment of the different RTH disorders.


The Workshop brings together clinicians, basic scientists and research trainees interested in disorders of thyroid hormone signaling. Restricted to 100 attendees for informal presentation of work in progress, it is structured with ample time for lively discussion and interchange. The Workshop is not only a platform for young and emerging researchers but also an opportunity for in-depth interaction with senior investigators and for the establishment of new collaborations.


The first International Workshop on RTH (IWRTH) was held in Cambridge, United Kingdom, in 1993. It has since been taking place every two years with the exception of a one-year lapse in 2009. All workshops have been planned as satellites to a national or international scientific congress of interest to those attending the IWRTH.


The Organizing Committee welcomes you to the 13th International Workshop on Resistance to Thyroid Hormone in The Netherlands.

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